A Motivational Speaker As Dynamic As His Heroes.

Colonel G is a motivational speaker delivering passionate messages with charismatic grace and intensity. Inspired and empowered by the heroes of the Civil Rights Movement, he celebrates our country’s progress but understands the work still to be done so each American has the same opportunities to grow and thrive. He offers speaking engagements across the country to the following groups and many more:

  • Businesses
  • Community Organizations
  • Schools
  • Civic Services

Goals & Steps To Get Where We Need To Be.

Clearly defined goals with achievable outcomes are part of Colonel G’s message on promoting greater diversity and better racial relations. In each speaking engagement, Colonel G highlights the social elements critical to improving civil rights for all Americans:

  • Measure diversity and inclusion at all levels of an organization
  • Appreciate and highlight differences
  • Recruit by asking existing employees
  • Promote teaming opportunities
  • Talk, listen, then implement, then measure
  • Establish targeted internships
  • Establish diversity-focused mentoring programs
diversity and race relations seminar

The Dream Is Still Alive: Making America Better Together.

After a successful career in the private sector and a distinguished military record, Colonel G believes his success is partly a result of opportunities made possible by the icons of the Civil Rights era. Each speaking engagement echoes the messages of those great leaders and emphasizes the importance of community. By coming together and working to increase opportunities for all people, the American dream is alive and attainable. Personal experiences, stories, and insight are at the core of Colonel G’s presentations with question and answer sessions driving engaging discussions after each speech. Contact Colonel G to learn more.

Phenomenal Presentations To Inspire Change.

Audiences at Colonel G’s speaking engagements frequently describe them as phenomenal and passionate. With each speech customized for specific audiences and an abundance of stories to keep attendees engaged, Colonel G is the industry’s go-to motivational speaker. Check out more testimonials and learn about Colonel G’s presentations on leadership and empowerment. Ready to book a motivational speaker on diversity and racial relations?