A Motivational Speaker Who Inspires Positive Leadership.

Colonel G is a motivational speaker delivering powerful messages to empower individuals to become better leaders. Dynamic presentations designed to engage and interact with the audience allow Colonel G to give appropriate guidance for positive personal and professional growth. Colonel G offers speaking engagements to many different groups; including:

  • Businesses
  • Community Organizations
  • Schools
  • Civic Services

Colonel G with the Honorable Andrew Young

Leadership Is The Glue That Holds Teams Together.

Good leaders inspire and guide their teams by providing positive feedback and direction for each member of the group. Colonel G’s speeches provide a framework of skills for each individual to build upon to become a better, stronger leader. For Colonel G, the key to success is to:

  • Listen: Collaboration is key to any successful project. Good leaders always listen to each member of their team – not just the ones who speak up.
  • Take Action: Leaders who get results make decisions and advocate for each individual in the group and the team as a whole.
  • Create A Vision: Establish a vision of your picture of the end goal. Challenge and update it daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Be Courageous: Make the hard choices and take chances to achieve your goals.
    Commit To Learning: Read, ask questions, talk, meditate, and make observations to expand your knowledge.
  • Be Fair & Honest: Do not compromise the team and the team members.

Colonel G’s Dynamic Delivery Energizes Your Team.

After a distinguished career in the Army and private sector, Colonel G brings his significant experience and insight to motivate and energize your team, department, and organization. He pumps up audiences with stories, insights, and actionable steps so each person leaves feeling inspired and ready to tackle their next project. His spirit is infectious. His speeches are entertaining, fun, and exhilarating. He incorporates all his talents, from acting and singing to bring his message to his audiences so they are in their heart when they leave the presentation.

Tailored Messages To Build Lifelong Skills.

Colonel G customizes each speaking engagement to his audience. His multitude of stories connect to different groups and his emphasis is tailored to your needs. With a focus on diversity and racial relations, and empowerment, Colonel G’s breadth of experience allows him to connect with his audience no matter their demographic.

Speaking Engagements Available Across The U.S.

Colonel G travels across the U.S. to provide inspirational and motivational speaking engagements followed by question and answer sessions. Your team/organization will walk away pumped up and ready to take the actionable steps necessary to grow and thrive. Ready for a motivational speaker who inspires?