colonel g. riley

5 Ways to the Promised Land

These are five ways to get to the Promised Land.


From its title “Steps to the Promised Land”, one would initially think this is a religious book. In some ways it is because it focuses on encouragement, priorities, survival and action. Isn’t that what religion should do?

One keen observation I had while growing up was that at every family gathering the adults usually ended up discussing how to make things better. Most times it ended with everyone talking over everyone else, tempers getting raised and being really funny.

What’s important was that the conversation took place. It showed a deep, burning desire to improve personal and community outcomes, as well as community empowerment.

Steps to the Promised Land” provides the answers, wisdom and gold nuggets I harvested after filtering those conversations.


This is what we have to do!


  1. Develop a mission attitude:  All this means is we have to develop a purpose and commit to it. This is our foundation step.
  1. Work:  Once we commit to what we want; work is defined as how much force can we apply to move an object. In other words, how much focused energy can we create in the community for improved outcomes?
  1. Job creation:  A professor once told me that the greatest social program ever invented was a job or career. This can be addressed immediately this election cycle. But, we have to put it on the table.
  1. Change laws:  The legal system is strangling the community with laws, although well-intended, that have a detrimental impact on the positive growth of young people. Again, it can and must be addressed this election cycle.
  1. Reduce violence: The effect of violence is having an immeasurable impact in the community and nation. This is the most complicated step, because it straddles all the other steps and because it is driven by fear, money and personal behavior. But, with a mission attitude, we can do it.

Now, don’t you want to read this book?